A considerable amount of work goes into making the Championship Tractor Pull (CTP) a success year after year, yet most fans only get to enjoy the finished product - the pull itself. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the people, resources and hours required to prepare a "championship" tractor pull? The information featured on this page provides you with an insider's view of some of the key elements that make this the greatest indoor tractor pull in the nation.

Tractor Pulling is Not One Size Fits All: Drivers Come From Different Backgrounds 
In a sport where only fractions of an inch make the difference between first and second place, vast miles and diverse professions separate the drivers from one another, adding to the sport’s uniqueness.

Making History at the Championship Tractor Pull
With more than 75,000 fans packing Freedom Hall to experience five pulse-pounding performances in four days, the nation’s oldest indoor tractor pull has a vivid history to share with its loyal supporters.

The Color of Loyalty:  Pullers and Fans Stick with Their Favorite Brands
More than 15,000 spectators fill Freedom Hall for each performance of the CTP, eager to see which competitor will be next to etch his or her name in the history of the nation’s oldest indoor tractor pull. But who—specifically—have the fans come to see?

Number Four Could Mean One-of-a-Kind
Since the Saturday night Finals were added to the CTP competitive format in 1993, only two drivers have held the title of three-time grand champion: Joe Eder and Jordan Lustik. With the "sting" of second place on their minds, both drivers have taken somewhat drastic measures to try and surpass the competition this year.

The Name of the Game
Ever wonder what goes into some of those names you see painted on the sides of the engine-revving beasts that roar down the track during the CTP? Well, naming the ride isn't something to take lightly.

Tatum Goes "Full Throttle"
On February 16, 2003, 22-year-old Lisa Tatum made CTP history when she finished the Finals competition with a distance of 234.70, becoming the first female ever to earn the Grand Champion title.

A Family Tradition
If you are a regular at the NFMS and the CTP then you have probably heard about, if not seen in action, the Sullivan family. We recently took a trip down memory lane with Donnie Sullivan, a third generation puller, to get an inside look at his family's tradition.

The Voice of the Championship Tractor Pull
Over the years, people have come to expect a few things from the CTP: fierce competition among the nation's best drivers, the indoor roar of powerful machines racing down the track, and Butch Krieger right there in the thick of things to tell everyone about it.  

The Longest Haul
There is no better way for a top-notch driver to start off his pulling calendar than with an invitation to the CTP - part of the reason he is willing to come from any corner of the continent to compete in it.

Dan Cristiani enjoys mudslinging. As a matter of fact, he’s made a profession out of it. Forty to fifty times each night, in a very limited amount of time, Cristiani and his crew must recreate the desired compaction of a championship-level track.

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