2014 Championship Tractor Pull Drivers
*Drivers are in alphabetical order, not in pull order

8,200lb SUPER STOCK TRACTORS - Wednesday, February 12

Name Tractor City State
Beck, Mike High Tech Redneck Napoleon OH
Blagrave, Stan Red Horse Ackerly TX
Boeckmann, Tyler Born Green Waverly IA
Burge, Steve Lock N Load Lynn IN
Degenhardt, Jon Diggin Hard Norwalk WI
Demers, Jeff Smokin' Hot Deere Storm Lake IA
Gettinger, Chris Afterburner Connersville IN
Hunt, Brandon Liv'n A Dream Oak Grove KY
Lehn, Esdon Red Line Fever Dayton MN
Metz, Roy Mid Life Crisis Strykersville NY
Raymond, John Smoke-N-Mirrors Caledonia NY
Ross, Colin Resurrected Red Neck Waynesburg PA
Schaendorf, Jim Radical Red Dorr MI
Shramek, Brian The Legacy Williamsburg MO
Shramek, Dennis Youngblood Williamsburg MO
Siefert, David Renegade Deere New Washington OH

7,500lb MODIFIED TRACTORS- Wednesday, February 12

Name Tractor City State
Bauer, Adam Double Nutted Paton IA
Benedict, Brad Non-Cents Marion OH
Berg, Brett LG Seeds Money Maker Farmington MN
Bollinger, Steve Money Pit Taylorville IL
Bollinger, Tom Top Gun Stonington IL
Bunnage, Steve E3 Takes A Lickin' Golden Gate IL
Bunnage, Wayne Keeps on Tickin Ellery IL
Eder, Joe 75th Edition North Collins NY
Jostock, Bob Wild Child Lapeer MI
Jostock, Terry Wild Won Lapeer MI
Leischner, Bill Dirtslinger Weldon IL
Long, Ricky Lucas Oil/MAV TV Glasgow KY
Rose, Ricky Giddy-Up Glencoe MN
Shelton, Stan Shel-Shocked New London NC
Stewart, Michael PTH Down & Dirty Paris TN

10,200lb PRO STOCK TRACTORS - Wednesday, February 12

Name Tractor City State
Bader. Randy No Fear Deere Monroe WI
Barreau, Randy  Tool Times 2 Baraboo WI
Boyd, Greg Protect the Harvest Green Streak II Washington IN
Brackett, Jim Hillbilly X Press Richland MO
Cain, Tim Red Gambler New Palestine IN
Justison, David Corn Fed Hillsboro IL
Martin, Robert John Deere Green Chambersburg PA
Miller, Jason Cruisin' Mule LaMotte IA
Moss, Brad TS Performance Young Buck Adairville KY
Sapp, Jeff Big Country Huntsville IL
Shay, Cody Red Edge Pro Shannon City IA
Smithback, Jay Money Grows in Rows Deerfield WI
Stamm, Blaine Stammpede Lena IL
Van Genderen, Calvin Geared Green Eddyville IA
Wischmeier, Steve Barely Gettin By Brownstown IN

9,300lb SUPER FARM TRACTORS - Thursday, February 13 

Name Tractor City State
Andrews, Allen Dakota Deere Beresford SD
Batliner, David M.  Super Hick Floyds Knobs IN
Couch, Christopher Pick'n & Ginnin' Jackson TN
Darnell, Clay Maximum Overdrive Cynthiana KY
Deck, Bryan One Bad Apple Winside NE
Franas, Stephen Deere Processor Almont MI
Freeze, Russ Deere Traxx Manchester TN
Mowrey, Jon Deal-N-Deere Milford IL
Platte, Dustin  A Gray Area Hubbard IA
Platte, John Turbo Up The Farmboy Way Hubbard IA
Roberts, Markie Spanky's Toy Syracuse NE
Rozeboom, Dave Red Rock Rock Vallley IA
Stryffeler, Justin Against the Grain Salem OH
Whelan, David My Last Excuse Tipton MI
Wright, Bill OOOH Deere Bothwell Ontario Can.

6,200lb 2-WD SUPER MODIFIED TRUCKS - Thursday, February 13 

Name Tractor City State
Austin, Mark Gamblin After Dark Ashmore IL
Corzine, Craig Shell Rotella Burn Notice Assumption IL
Fitzsimmons, Timothy Country Heat Macon MO
Frasur, Joey Runnin' Block Liberty  IN
Fuqua, Jacob Trax Springfield TN
Long, Keith Mav-TV Glasgow KY
Mumma, John After Midnight Philo IL
Nelson, Jared Midnight Revenger Altamont IL
Perry, Mark Extreme Duty Shelbyville KY
Petro, Jessie Buckeye Hauler Camden OH
Shafer, Jeff WIN, LOSE or Draw Mt Vernon OH
Tatum, Lisa Full Throttle Bardstown KY
Theobald, Doug Wicked Shelbville IN
Writsel, Ryan Lucky Stryke Orient OH
Zajicek, Robert Gun Smoke Columbus TX

8,000lb SUPER STOCK ALCOHOL TRACTORS - Thursday, February 13 

Name Tractor City State
Blackbourn, Josh Armed & Dangerous International Threat Newton WI
Blackbourn, Terry Extremely Armed & Dangerous Newton WI
Broughton, Sid Desperado South Haven MI
Campbell, Kevin J. Controlled Chaos Washington PA
Gettinger, Neil Lessons Learned Hagerstown IN
Hothem, Jeff Fully Loaded Dellroy OH
Hull, Aaron Out of Time Waupun WI
Keener, Duane Bambi Ashland OH
Keener, Frank XXX Ashland OH
Kools, Manon Mitas All or Nothing Cadzand, NL Holland
Kwiatkowski, Joe Taking Care of Business Dorr MI
Lustik, Jordan Silver Bullet Eighty Four PA
Meese, Brad The Squealer Oblong IL
Payne, Brent Galot II Clinton NC
Stickland, John Galot Clinton NC
Windsor, Kevin Six Shooter Lothian MD

9,300lb SUPER FARM TRACTORS - Friday, February 14 

Name Tractor City State
Conny, Mike Macdaddy Alliance  OH
Darnell, Mac Red Scorpion Cynthiana KY
Dean, Larry Never Enough Hollywood AL
Deck, Rodney Dream On Winside NE
Fraker, Blain The Agitator Marshall IL
Ingram, Tad Southern Petroleum Sponsored Natural Disaster Pendleton KY
Kavan, Norm Magnum Force Cedar Bluffs NE
McDonald, Marvin Bad Boy Red Springs NC
Miley, Josh High Maintenan$e Francisco IN
Pettus, Jed Dixie Deere Lawrenceburg TN
Roberts, Jeremy Wicked Whitetail Sullivan IN
Sietsema, Tony Wolverine Deere Allendale MI
Skaar, Nick Screamin' Norwegian Cottage Grove WI
Slama, James Fast & Furious Hillsboro WI
Weitzenkamp, Chad Someday Hooper NE

6,200lb 2-WD SUPER MODIFIED TRUCKS - Friday, February 14 

Name Tractor City State
Blagrave, Sean Wild Horse Ackerly TX
Carey, Eddie Reloaded Lawrenceburg KY
Long, Ricky Ridin Dirty Glasgow KY
Messer, Tim Dr.  Wide Open Memphis TN
Nelson, Jeremy Midnight Gambler Sidney IL
Nelson, Jordan Whoopie Madness Altamont IL
Oberste, Bill Missouri Gambler Harrisonville MO
Petro, Randy Kathy's Komplaint Camden OH
Shelton, Grayson Sawmill Express (Culp Lumber) New London NC
Simon, RJ Dirty Pearl Farley IA
Smith, Chris A.  Stimulus Package Dry Ridge KY
Sullivan, Donnie Big Ed Red Warsaw KY
Tatum, Tony Parts City Auto Parts Bardstown KY
Writsel, Jeff At It Again Orient OH
Zajicek, Cole Texas 2 Step Columbus  TX

10,200lb PRO STOCK TRACTORS - Friday, February 14 

Name Tractor City State
Babler, Nathan L. The Haymaker Rock City IL
Boerson, Ross Extremely Green Zeeland MI
Conny, Julia Mr. Macdaddy Alliance OH
Cope, Carlton Warpath Salem OH
Couch, Ken Cotton Pick'n Deere Jackson TN
Kuhns, Travis Trailblazer Arthur IL
LeGrand, Allen The Edge of Sundown Madisonville  KY
Linder, Mike Linder Brothers Edison OH
Martin, Josh Think Green Chambersburg PA
Masterson,  Don Tinker Toy Grandview IN
Parish, Phillip El Nino Marion KY
Porter, Gary Gang Green Mercer MO
Ruhnow, Jerry Ace in the Hole Osco IL
Schmucker, Kevin Git Er Dun Deere Louisville OH
Yarick, Cody Gone Rich Hill MO

7,500lb 4x4 SUPER STOCK DIESEL TRUCKS - Saturday, February 15 

Name Tractor City State
Atley, Carl Lethal Weapon Xenia OH
Clemons, Matt Alter Ego Wakeman OH
Crowder, Kent Scheid Diesel Attica IN
Deeter, Brad Oversize Load Burgettstown PA
Haisley, Curt Off Constantly Swayzee IN
Haisley, Van Rock Hard Ram Fairmount  IN
Hodges, Shawn On Borrowed Time Avella PA
Ingram, Brad Scheid Diesel Farina  IL
Kellogg, Shane Gotta Have IT Kenton OH
Michael, Kyle CLIMAX Urbana OH
Miller, Calvin Runnin in the Red Guys Mills PA
Stacey, Erik Smoknya HD Winchester OH


Name Tractor City State
Barbee, Bob Stormy Springfield TN
Blackbourn, Terry Considered Armed & Dangerous Newton WI
Everman, Henry Forced Decision Dansville NY
Frerichs, Ryan Addiction Wayne NE
Frese, Glen Red Ink Watkins IA
Fuqua, Jay Tennesse Tracks Springfield TN
Hootman, Jason The Commander Corfu NY
Korth, Brian Armed & Dangerous Excessive Force Newton WI
Kuhn, Rex Git-R-Done Morristown IN
Maedge, Todd Monkey Mayhem Marine IL
Phillips, Brandon Insanity Vine Grove KY
Phillips, Larry Extremely Insane Vine Grove KY
Sandefur, Mike Farmboy's Fantasy Edinburgh IN
Shaw, Monica Beauty & the Beast Franklin KY
Wettleson, Marcus Gunpowder & Lead Postville IA
Wilhite, Mike Blue Blazes Bardstown KY

10,200lb PRO STOCK TRACTORS - Saturday, February 15 

Name Tractor City State
Bader, Troy Forever Green Edition Monroe WI
Boersen, Dennis Greenline Express II Zeeland MI
Boyd, Steve Lucas Oil Green Streak Washington IN
Cain, Chris Aces Wild New Palestine IN
Campbell, Rick Soupline Express Homeworth OH
Lemke, Robby New Generation Plus Helenville WI
Little, Lance True Grit Tuscola IL
Masterson, Kevin River Rat Evanston IN
McCormick, Nick Nasty Stuff Stewardson IL
McGrath, Chance Last Chance II Lower Knoxford, New Brunswick CAN
Overmyer, Tim Sandhill Binder Montrey IN
Pelletier, Charles CP Dream I St-Armand, Quebec CAN
Schmucker, Danny Rampage Louisville OH
Shorter, Mickey Buck Eater 2 Sullivan  IN
Stone, Tim Rollin' Stone Greensburg IN


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